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Shipping Damage

How do I resolve shipping damage?

Saddlemen makes every effort to design effective packaging to protect its products for shipment to its customers. Our seats and bags are carefully inspected prior to shipment from our facility to make sure they are perfectly made and packaged correctly. However, packages are sometimes handled roughly or are loaded and unloaded many times before final delivery to you, the end user. Multiple shipping’s and handers or rough treatment can sometimes cause damage.

If you receive your items and suspect a problem, immediately notify the delivery company. If you present when the shipment arrives, make sure to note any packaging damage observed and write it on the delivery receipt before the driver leaves. This will simplify the resolution of any problems that you may notice when your new seat or bags are unpacked later.

The responsibility for delivering your purchases in good condition falls upon the dealer or delivery company and all claims for damaged products must be made through them. Repairs or replacements for items damaged in transit are not Saddlemen’s responsibility and must be charged to the party responsible for the damage. UPS, DHL and other delivery companies have websites that allow you to contact them for more information.