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How do I purchase Saddlemen products?

Saddlemen distributes its products through Drag Specialties for V-Twin applications and Parts Unlimited for metric applications. These two companies are dedicated to serving their customers and supporting the motorcycle industry. They are wholesale distributors that make Saddlemen products available at your local motorcycle dealer or accessory shop. Their websites list local dealers in your area. Please check our “Find a Dealer” tool in our website Service Center. Most Saddlemen items are either available at your local dealer or for immediate overnight shipment from Drag Specialties or Parts Unlimited to your local dealer.

However, all dealers do not carry the complete range of products available on the Saddlemen website. We encourage you to purchase our products from your local dealership as they may provide special service and more immediate availability. If the item you desire is not available from your nearby dealer, or if you require additional information, please call us at (800) 397-7709 and a Saddlemen customer representative will be glad to assist you.

Many of the items that you might require may also be ordered directly on this website using our secure server. All of our products are offered at the prevailing retail price plus shipping and California sales tax for California residents. While most luggage products, such as saddlebags or sissy bar bags, are available for immediate shipment from our California warehouse, other items such as custom seats are only made-to-order and an approximate 30 day lead time may apply. If an item is back-ordered, the customer will be promptly notified.

Some items are special order only, such as our custom Road Sofa touring saddles; these are custom made to your specifications based on height, weight, color choices, etc. These must be purchased direct through us. If you have any questions about Saddlemen products or where to purchase them, don’t hesitate to contact us at (800) 397-7709.