Instantly Upgrade Your Comfort.

When it comes to comfort you deserve the amazing “Go Anywhere” seating solution from Saddlemen. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of Saddlemen’s exclusive GELcore Technology packaged in an easy to carry version that you can take anywhere. The Comfort Cushion instantly improves blood flow, eliminates hotspots, and the overall fatigue associated with poor seating.

The select the PERFECT fit for your motorcycle and take it with you to improve comfort everywhere you sit!

SaddleGel Comfort Pad Medium


9" length
Tapers 7.5" to 5.5"

SaddleGel Comfort Pad Large


10.5" length
Tapers 14" to 8"

SaddleGel Comfort Pad Easy Reach


11.5" length
Tapers 14.5" to 5.25"

SaddleGel Comfort Pad Extra-Large


12.5" length
Tapers 15.5" to 9"

SaddleGel Comfort Pad Jumbo


13" length
Tapers 14.5" to 10"

SaddleGel™ Comfort Pads

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