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2008-2022 FLHR, FLHT, FLHX & FLTR Heated Roadsofa™ LS Seat

Brand Fitment: Harley-Davidson
Year Fitment: 2008-2022 

made in the usa


If you’re ready to upgrade your stock seat to something that can make your bike as comfortable as it is stylish then its time for the Saddlemen Road Sofa LS. This refined, unique, split cushion design offers legendary long-distance comfort and control. You simply won’t find a better fusion of technology, materials, and design than the Road Sofa LS.

The Road Sofa LS is Saddlemen’s Seat for Harley Touring Bikes and Trikes available in two seating positions – Standard location, or this particular one which is the extended reach model which extends the driver's seating area by an additional two inches. This seat has been constructed with Saddlemen’s proprietary Gel-Core technology and features a generous amount of SaddleGEL in the front for the rider and rear section for the passenger for maximum comfort.

Let’s start with the Gel-Core Technology process. Gel-Core is engineered to dampen, divert, and deflect energy from the road. This technique utilizes the latest co-molding technology - a unique process of combining comfort foam, progressive density foam, and SaddleGEL into a singular molded component. This proprietary process has been shown to reduce engine vibration by up to 50% and direct road impacts by up to 92% allowing you to ride further and more comfortably then you could with a traditional foam seat.

Scientifically engineered AND proven to increase the amount of time you’re able to spend on your motorcycle. The SaddleGel also can conform to all body shapes, sizes, and contours to reduce pressure points and eliminate those dreaded hot spots.

The refined split-cushion design means that the seat cushion is divided into separate flat seat support and backrest platforms. The flat portion permits the rider to sink into and comfortably float on the SaddleGel seat while the lumbar rest provides support unaffected by the compression caused by the rider settled into position. This split cushion design reduces overall tailbone and backpressure and increases circulation and the tall lumbar support and wide driver saddle-support the legs at the same time. Meanwhile, the streamlined nose improves the rider’s reach to the ground.

All of this seating technology is neatly wrapped in fine Italian leather ensuring your new saddle is as stylish as it is comfortable.

The Road Sofa LS is now available in a heated option with independent temperate controls for the passenger and driver. Also available in a non- heated option, plus Saddlemen offers optional drivers backrest, armrests, and Tour-Pak cover sold separately.

Depending on your size preference both offer exceptional lumbar support and give your bike a more unified overall appearance.

This seat was made to work with your OEM or Saddlemen Backrest and comes with easy to install instructions.

Ample seating space, durable construction, a rain cover included and made right here in the USA – this RoadSofa LS starts at just over $500 for the unheated version and just over $700 for the heated.

To learn more about this product simply call, email, or direct message us, and one of our friendly and knowledgeable product specialist will assist you in selecting the perfect Saddlemen seat for your next ride. 800-397-7709 or sales@saddlemen.com

800-397-7709 or sales@saddlemen.com

Product Overview (HD)

Drag Specialties/Parts Unlimited Part #: 0801-0972
Saddlemen Part #: 808-07B-182HCT
Download Instructions: IS-Heated HD Road Sofa (9-2-2015-de).pdf
Availability: Built to Order

Available Options

The Roadsofa™ LS is considered one of the most comfortable motorcycle seats on the market and is crafted specifically for riders that love to lay down 500+ miles of the open road in a day. It is the ultimate long-distance touring seat for Harley-Davidson touring models. Standard features include rider and passenger Gelcore™ Technology, a split-cushion lumbar area designed to sit you into the Gelcore™ instead of hammocking your body onto the cover like most OEM and aftermarket seats on the market.

Upgrade options include driver’s backrest, extended reach profiles for the taller rider that needs that extra room, rider and passenger heated options, trunk pad covers, and more.

Our Gelcore™ Technology (explained) is a guarded company secret that no other manufacturer can duplicate. Don't be fooled by other company's foam only, air and gel stories. Our Gelcore™ is formulated and manufactured in-house and is engineered to dampen, divert, and deflect energy through a mechanical process resulting in a smooth, therapeutic ride.

  •     •    Designed and made in the U.S.A.
  •     •    SaddleGel™ in front and rear reduces tailbone pressure and increases circulation and comfort for both driver and passenger.
  •     •    Our tall lumbar support and wide driver saddle support the back and legs for superior comfort, while the streamlined nose improves the rider's reach to the ground.
  •     •    The refined split-cushion design separates the seating surface from the lumbar support, reducing tailbone and back pressure from maximum long-range comfort.
  •     •    Ventilated soft upholstery seating leather provides the most luxurious look and ride.
  •     •    It comes with a fitted rain cover specially designed to protect your seat from water and dirt.
  •     •    Available is the standard or extended reach(moving the rider 2" further back) driver's seating position
  •     •    Hi/low seat heaters provide warmth, comfort, and the convenience that today's riders demand. (Available on some models)
  •     •    Matching passenger backrest / Tour-Pak pad cover completes the custom look. (Sold Separately)(for models that require)
  •     •    Models are available with a built-in backrest that eliminate additional brackets that mount to the fender. (Does not accommodate Saddlemen or HD fender-mounted Backrest)

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Seat Dimensions

Typical Outline – Your Seat May Vary
15.5" 15.5" 5.5" 12.75" 13" 31"


RoadSofa-LS: Installation Overview (HD)


Selecting the proper Saddlemen seat should begin with the question, “How many miles do I ride in the day, and what is my riding style or preference?” Understanding these questions can guide you to the best type of seat for its intended use, then further hone the choice by looking at a seat that would complement the motorcycle or your styling preference.

Saddlemen seats are a result of Integrated Design Philosophy (IDP™), which focuses on putting as much comfort into the seat as possible. IDP™ then takes styling cues from each motorcycle and incorporates them into the contours and patterns of each new seat. The result is a seat that is as comfortable as possible but also looks and fits perfectly on the motorcycle. Saddlemen’s craftsmanship and quality assure you of an enjoyable ride – regardless of the distance.

By combining the attributes of our proprietary SaddleGel and advanced Progressive Density Foam, we create exceptional foundations that provide superior comfort and vehicle control. While thick seat foams are usually more comfortable, Saddlemen’s Gel-Core technology is used in every seat to produce excellent comfort regardless of its thickness. That’s why a slammed-down Saddlemen seat, such as the Profiler, rides so much more comfortable than other seats of a similar thickness. So if a thin Saddlemen seat is comfortable, imagine how plush a thick seat like a Road Sofa or an Explorer will be.

When creating a new seat, additional attention is always devoted to overcoming deficiencies that exist in the stock seat or other aftermarket seats. Our designers use advanced engineering plus practical riding experience to forge seats that ride comfortably, look great, and fit perfectly. For example, rigid plastic or resin-based seat pans with plated brackets provide superior fitment for easy, hassle-free installation. Riders will need to carefully study the attributes of each Saddlemen seat so they can learn how it can improve their riding experience. These seat types are:

Seats for Long Distance or “Touring”

These seats are aimed at users who will lay down 500+ miles open road in a day. Large, plush double bucket seats designed to keep rider and passenger in supreme comfort during long-distance riding.

Day Cruising Two-up Seats

These seats are great for cruising and day trips (200-mile tours).  Still a significant improvement in the comfort of the original saddle,  these seats aim for a balance between style and comfort, making for an enjoyable journey. 

Low Profile Two-up Seats

Low slung trim, stylish seats that include seating for a passenger.  The lean and minimalistic approach significantly complements the motorcycle’s lines. Not as well suited for long-distance use as an  Explorer seat, but they are the most comfortable slammed-down seats you can get. Great for (urban) boulevard cruising. 

Renegade Solo & Pillions

These Rider-only seats are also great for cruising and day trips as they provide a superb level of comfort while looking great as only a solo saddle can.  Matching pillion seats are available.

Slammed Solo's (S3) Seats 

Low slung trim, stylish seats for lone riders. The lean and minimalistic style complements the motorcycle’s lines. Not as well suited for long-distance use as an Explorer seat, but they are the most comfortable slammed-down seats you can get. Great for casual riding (no backrest options - see Universal Detachable Pillions Pad for passenger seating).

Pro Series Seats

Saddlemen’s seat artisans occasionally partner with leading bike builders to create special edition seats. Not as well suited for long-distance use as an Explorer seat, but very comfortable for urban cruising with a unique appearance.

Café Seats

Specialty rider-only seats that feature the ubiquitous hump at the back of the seat. While aimed at style, the seat is very comfortable for urban cruising.