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2019-2020 FTR 1200 Track CF

Brand Fitment: Indian
Model Fitment: FTR 1200
Year Fitment: 2019-2020

made in the usa

Track CF, LS & GP-V1
Product Overview (HD)


Drag Specialties/Parts Unlimited Part #: 0810-2203
Saddlemen Part #: I19-10-0044
Availability: Built to Order

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Saddlemen’s® line of Sportbike Seats are designed specifically for the rider that needs a seat that can do everything—canyon carving, track days, or commuting. These stylish seats feature Saddlemen’s® Gel Channel (GC) technology (patent pending) that incorporates a split piece of SaddleGel™ and a channel in the base foam to relieve seating pressure on the perineal area, increase blood flow, and keep the rider in the saddle longer. These seats offer high quality, lightweight construction, and styling that’s second-to-none resulting in the best performance-increasing value item you can apply to your motorcycle.

The Track-CF offers a great looking seat which is a more comfortable ride that is noticeable from the moment you get on. Why?

Almost two decades ago, Saddlemen® was the innovator of SaddleGel™ for motorcycle seats, bringing over a gel technology widely used in medical applications. Now widely copied, but not duplicated, SaddleGel™ provides undisputable comfort.

Adding to the comfort is our unique cover technology that combines style with the right amount of stretch built in to make better use of the SaddleGel™ underneath.

Saddlemen® has engineered the perfect and only matched motorcycle seating foam that works in conjunction with SaddleGel™ for maximum riding distance and pleasure. Saddlemen’s® proprietary Profoam™ with its high resilient properties maximizes your motorcycles suspension package by collapsing just enough to conform to the rider’s body shape. In turn, it helps to equalize the pressure to allow good blood flow. All completed in house under the careful supervision of trained technicians to guarantee a perfectly contoured seat with every pour. 

    ●    Solar reflective carbon fiber Saddlehyde upholstery provides the most luxurious look and ride.

    ●    More comfortable than any stock seat on the market, but there’s no question it’s a custom, hand-built seat designed to match the characteristics of your specific motorcycle.

    ●    The driver’s seat height mimics the original seat, but with a wider driver's rear section for comfort plus a specially shaped nose that helps the rider’s feet touch the ground better at stops.

    ●    In most cases, the pitch of the seat’s foam is revised to eliminate the rider from being forced into the fuel tank while riding.

    ●    Slightly bucketed in the rear section to contour to the rider’s body for better control during aggressive riding.

    ●    Easy to install, bolts to your bike just like the stock seat.