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1979-2003 XL Sportster Americano™ Café Classic Seat

Brand Fitment: Harley-Davidson
Model Fitment: XL SPORTSTER
Year Fitment: 1979-2003

made in the usa

Gel-Core Technology // Explained
Technical Overview (HD)


Drag Specialties/Parts Unlimited Part #: 0804-0459
Saddlemen Part #: 8585CJT
Download Instructions: IS-Seat Basic Cruiser Models Install (11-400240 rev5 06-18-2013).pdf
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Café motorcycle seats prove that function that creates a style. When a company like Saddlemen®, with its rich racing heritage and styling expertise, tackles a genre, the results are stunning. Such is the case with Saddlemen’s® new Americano Café seats for the Harley-Davidson Sportster family.

Unlike other café seat offerings that ask you to mutilate your fender or frame, Americano Café seats slide right on your Sportster using factory hardware and mounting points. Engineered on existing Saddlemen® seats, the fit of the Americano is as excellent as it is stylish.

A carefully sculpted shape, with an extra level of attention to the ubiquitous “hump,” Americano Café seats instantly turn a motorcycle into an object of desire. But, there is more to these seats than meets the eye, as the attention to the seating area, plus the use of Saddlemen’s® Gelcore Technology, yields a seat whose comfort matches its looks. Want to tour with a racing-inspired seat? You can do  it with an Americano!

If you are a fan of motorcycle history, you probably know the legend of early UK riders dashing from café to café on their lightweight, yet powerful bikes. The Sportster came along adding American punch to that group of bikes and now there’s a seat that lets you easily pay tribute to those early daredevils.

Don’t accept anything less as you cannot buy a better seat. Classic race-bike looks, top quality components, simple installation, designed and engineered specifically for the Harley-Davidson Sportster model – all great reasons to choose Saddlemen®.

Americano Café Classic Seat features:

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Saddlemen’s® unique take on the classic café racing seat
  • Pleated cover that is reminiscent of old school tuck n’ roll
  • Simple bolt-on installation – nothing else to buy or modify
  • Seating area is shaped to comfortable making sure you can ride in style all-day-long
  • Gelcore Technology supports the rider unlike the rock-hard seats offered by other builders
  • Seat and rear hump shape carefully sculpted to complement the motorcycles’ lines and fender shapes

Seat Dimensions

Typical Outline – Your Seat May Vary
8" 12" 5" 10" 26.5"